Come fly with me….


Hi guys, guess who’s back! I thought it’s about time I jump back into writing. Its been far too long ….almost a year! I promise I will try to keep this up more regularly, partly for all my amazing followers….all 4 of you ha.

Well a lot has happened in a year. If you read my first post you can clearly see, destiny threw me a massive curve ball. But hey! Life is one big lesson and I definitely learnt a thing or two from my experiences last year. I wont bore you with all the sad crap that happened, whats done is done ( You can also read about it in my first post anyways)  I have grown from it and moved on. Some of what I wanted to do has been postponed or my goals may have changed, but I’m still me!

Something I would like to talk about is passion. Not the kind of passion you have outside a Lloyd’s bar one friday after a few too many.When I say passion I mean what are you driven by? The main one for me is Travel. Sounds kind of selfish right? Well it is. This is not to say saving the environment, stopping poaching or deforestation is of no importance to me! I am very concerned and interested in those topics. Yet they are not MY passion. At least not in this stage of my little ol’ life!

For me travel means so much more than laying on a beach topping up my tan. Mainly because I can’t tan (pasty people problems) but that is not my point. It is about journey & discovery. Not just of the physical either. A journey within yourself. Discovering who you truly are. I am heading to Iceland in March and it could not come any sooner! That will satisfy my cravings for a while. Scratch that itchy travel bug bite. Not for long ….who knows where my next journey will be…or when! That is half the fun though. If you know what I am talking about, it is likely you have the same itch as I. Not wanting to stay in one place for too long. That never-ending ache to explore and see the world.

As humans there is a lot more than meets the eye and we are a very spiritual,soulful being deep down. Every time I travel it’s as if I have opened up yet another doorway within myself. Found a new path for me to head down. You can learn much more from travel and life experience than any lesson in a classroom. FACT. It’s funny how so many people look down on me for not having a degree. Not fulfilling my “potential”. Yet what does that even mean? I can always go back to education. Yet I attend the school of life ladies and gentleman and even If I don’t have a degree, I can tell you now I have some experiences that will leave me feeling pretty fulfilled when my life flashes before my eyes and I meet my maker.

The things I have learnt about myself,that have shaped my very attitudes to life, have come from my experiences in Travel. That is something you cannot get from a book. The way I try to live, is a direct result of some of the struggles and triumphs I have witnessed. A wise man once said –

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

If only everybody could have the opportunity. We may well live in a better world eh? Mr Twain was right. You do look at things differently. Learn to appreciate and understand different customs,cultures and beliefs. It’s a beautiful thing. To be able to open your mind up to all the world has to offer. I cannot stress enough how much you can grow from seeing the beauty that is our planet. To gain another perspective, another angle on humanity. Its triumphs and tribulations. It is honestly something that drives me forward, that thirst and hunger for more knowledge, beauty and well…life!

So on that note I implore you. Next time you visit somewhere on holiday. Do a bit more than sip beers by the pool (not like that’s a bad thing). Go out, soak up the culture as well as the sun. Open your eyes to the small things and they can have the biggest impact on you. This I promise. Even closer to home. You do not have to travel halfway around the world(as nice as that would be) to appreciate what you have and take away something new.

Sorry half of this blog is ramble! I am rather tired, and promised myself I would get this out before I went to sleep. It will get much better, but please do have a think about what I said.Thirty years from now you will regret the things you never did, more than the things you have done.


Sam x


One thought on “Come fly with me….

  1. Life is a lesson from start to finish, you gain from it what you want. Some people go through life with blinkers on, some are scared to try something new. I think it’s wonderful that you want to go out there and live it to the full, go forward with your head held high for you are in the University of life.

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