Celebrity culture…what happened?



Type in the word “Celebrity” on Wikipedia and you will get this definition. 

“A celebrity is a person, who has a prominent profile in day-to-day media and because of this commands some degree of public fascination and influence. A celebrity is usually expected to be wealthy (commonly denoted as a person with fame and fortune), implied with great popular appeal, prominence in a particular field, and is easily recognised by the general public.”

If I asked you to walk into a shop and approach the magazine/newspaper section. I bet you would see a celebrity on almost every single cover of those magazine. Celebrity is not a person anymore its a business and a lifestyle. Countless gossip magazines, newspapers 3/4 full of celebrity stories and news. People make a living from “documenting” other peoples lives. Now documenting is probably the polite word for it. Numerous times have i opened a newspaper to see a photo of some z lister eating a banana. Really! Like seriously?! is this what counts as news these days?

On the front cover of almost every newspaper, minus a few reputable papers. You will see a headline of something like “Helen Flanagan flashes knickers.” That is not news. Yet turn the pages past say the first 5 and you will see a story on 35 people killed in a bomb blast. Thats news. It makes me angry to think that we have allowed ourselves to be dumbed down so much by gossip and celebrities , that we have started to become numb to the real pressing issues of the world. Poverty, hunger, governments being overthrown, wars. They all take a backseat so that we can find out what colour top Justin Bieber is wearing today!

When I was a child, I do not remember knowing about too many celebs. I liked to play, dressed in whatever my mum put me in, and the only idols I had were the Power Rangers. Now you see children wanting to dress like the people they see in magazines. Young children idolising Miley Cyrus or Rihanna who wear next to nothing and prance around on stage twerking on people. These are the people young children look up to. 

It is worrying to think that celebrity culture now pretty much runs the life of everyday people. We want to follow what they have been doing. We want to copy what they have been wearing. We follow them on Twitter. People like Kim Kardashian. Why do people feel the need to follow what she has been doing? She is just a woman, a woman who got famous for sleeping with a rubbish rapper. How do people feel the need for her to be famous? I do not understand? How can people idolise that? We should be idolising people such as Mother Theresa, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King. Real heroes, revolutionaries, people who have actually made a difference in the world. So many ordinary people, day to day heroes do not get the acknowledgement and appreciation they no doubt deserve, because it takes a backseat to this drivel we see on the news everyday.

Something else that celebrity culture is killing off. Individuality. Everybody these days looks like sheep? They all dress the same, in the name of what, fashion? Fashion that stems from what celebs have been wearing. You all look like clones! Dress how YOU want to dress, not how society expects you to dress. Wear what you like, pierce what you like, be YOU , for the love of God, be yourselves.

I could probably talk about this forever. Go into facts or statistics but this is a blog and not an essay or some factual research! 

If you agree OR disagree, feel free to comment!

Rant over, Smurf out!


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