Oh London town

London Sunset

London Sunset

I have grown up in London. Thats 22 years of living here. Now after 22 years of anywhere, you tend to get a little bored. The same sights, the same people. Same way of life. For some years now I have been wanting to leave, and I will leave at some stage. London just doesn’t do enough for me anymore. Its as if my heart lies elsewhere…..*cough Sydney cough*

Or so I thought.

As I am currently waiting to start my new job, I get a bit bored of sitting at home doing sweet FA while waiting for the other kids to finish work and come out and play. Obviously play means head to the Pub for those of you who do not know me too well. Well yesterday I took it upon myself to dig out my trusty Nikon camera, which I had been neglecting for some time now and hit the streets of London. I simply needed to get out the house. Only so much Jeremy Kyle one person can watch before you start to literally feel your brain cells diminishing.

On my travels something peculiar happened. A feeling came over me that I had not felt for some time. One of excitement, and discovery. Pride even? I was seeing London in a light I had not seen for some time. Myself and my camera , exploring Southbank, Tower hill, Westminster. I looked like a tourist but I felt more at home then I have for some years. I was realising just how magical London really is, and just how much I take it for granted. This amazing city, populated by such a diverse range of cultures and beliefs. Blended into one to make it what it is today. It really is a beautiful city. As I strolled down the Southbank, discovering all these cobbled back streets, littered with amazing old English pubs, or wonderful examples of modern architecture such as the Shard, I felt very much happy that I could call this city my home.

So for that, London. I owe you an apology. For dismissing you so eagerly as a rubbish place to live. For forgetting how well you blend the old with the new. For many reasons. I do still want to move to Sydney, once my adventures come to an end. Sydney has my heart, and my family. However instead of turning my back on London. I have realised that this will always be my home. I grew up here, went to school, fell in love for the first time, had my heart broken, met my amazing friends and many many more experiences all while living in London.

If you find yourself starting to loathe the place you live, forgetting what made you move there in the first place or any number of reasons for not wanting to be there. Take a step back and admire it for what it is. Remember what you loved about the place. Do something different? Even if its taking a slightly different route to work! The little things will make a difference. If you still don’t like the place. Well. My advice to you would be…. there is always Sydney ;).


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