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Sooo blogging? I have never really thought about doing it before. I tend to read other blogs but the thought of actually applying myself and dedicating some time to writing my own blog never crossed my mind. Until today, Sunday 9th Feb 2014. Whats changed? Im not too sure, and I have no idea what direction this blog will go, a public diary perhaps? Informative discussions? Mad ramblings? probably the latter but I will try to not bore anybody who takes 5 minutes of their day to read my entries!

Im at somewhat of a crossroads in my life right now. I left my job, for my own mental health and sanity, As such i now have to move out of my flat and back home. I have also parted ways with someone that was very special to me and always will be. Throw in my dearest Nan passing away just before christmas and its been a rather rubbish few months! So im sitting here wondering, “where is my life going?”

Im sure many of you reading this have thought this at some point in your life. If you are lucky enough to have followed your dreams and “path” from the off. Fair play to you. I tend to go off the beaten track myself! So as I was saying, where is my life going? Well for the first time in a long time I can honestly say I do not have a clue!

Until recently I was in a stable job, with a long term relationship to go with it. I constantly had something to do and somebody to talk to. I can honestly say right now without either of these things I feel very lonely and lost. That is not to say I made the wrong decisions. Yet it does leave me feeling rather vulnerable. As if my safety blanket is gone. That now I have to face up to reality and actually get my life together again.

I want to run away, it is so tempting to just book a flight to some other country and pretend like everything is alright. Yet as soon as I run out of funds and come home reality will hit me like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball. I know its not the answer. Neither is alcohol….I must admit I have not avoided that one much lately however…ooops.

However for the first time in a long time I also feel free.

This is a fresh start, A chance to jump aboard life and let it lead me on a new journey. My life is not over, pffft im only 22! My life is just beginning and these setbacks and obstacles that life throws at us, are not here to make us fail but to help us grow as a person and learn from these experiences.

So that is what I intend to do. I have started my PADI open water scuba diving course and complete that in two weeks time. The plan? Well i hope to do a diving internship abroad,Thailand possibly. Learn to dive and eventually become an instructor!

If you really know me, you know how adventurous I am. I know that I will never be able to work an office job for the rest of my life. That 9-5 is nothing more then a hell to me. This is an opportunity for me to do something I love. Imagine waking up on a tropical island, strolling 5 minutes down the beach to work and to Scuba dive all day as a job. I cannot think of anything more exciting!

I might get out there and end up coming home In a couple of months, who knows! I might end up travelling the world and teaching scuba for years on end! All I know is if I do not try it. I will regret it for the rest of my life.

I will keep you posted how my little journey is going!

I also promise not all my blog posts will be this boring!

Thanks for reading, catch you all soon!

– Sam


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my world

  1. Beautiful! Just like you… Inside and out! Please don’t feel lonely you know my number and where I live babe! I’m proud to call you my friend ❤️ Xxxxx

  2. This is cute. I tried to write a diary once but my dad found it and thought I needed sectioning or something, so I hung my pen up and decided to keep my mental instability to myself. Still cute though. Xx

  3. Love it Sam, will definitely be following your journey from oz! There is no stopping what you can do, it’s in our blood! Love you champ! xxx

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